Friday, 23 April 2010

Architerianite #3

Hafiz Amirrol and Dondon Harrison will be presenting at the third edition of Architerianite. 

Date: Friday, 23 April 2010
Time: 1900 WIB
Venue: LABO.themori, Jl. Bukti Dago Utara II No. 22, Bandung, Indonesia
Free Entry
Organized by Architerian Forum
Click here to download the presentation: Print Culture of Architecture

Friday, 2 April 2010

Bioskop Dian and Cinema Paradiso

cinema.bdg is a place making programming strategy to develop the area of Jalan Asia Afrika/ alun-alun as the Creative Laboratory District for Bandung. The strategy consists of a new area that will house Bandung Film Studio, Bandung Film Museum and a new alternative cinema/ film workshop dedicated to the development of the film industry for Indonesia. Paying homage to one of the greatest film of all time by Giuseppe Tornatore - Cinema Paradiso, this proposal also respond to the need of Bandung city and its creative community for a proper place for their creative activities to take place. The now defunct Bioskop Dian, situated right across the site, will be revitalized by having these new programs to re-brand and re-develop the area, which is currently being left underutilized, even it is located at one of the prime area of Bandung.