Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Industri Dalam - Measuring Accessibility Through Urban Parameters and Space Syntax Analysis

In creating a robust neighborhood, both empirical and parametric based behavioral analyses were conducted to improve the connectivity, networks and configurations of built forms of the proposal. By introducing strong paths as the primary circulation route, connecting dwelling clusters, nodes and public spaces within the site have proved to increase the quality of the site’s value of integration and connectivity

The modified connectivity route allows for the implementation of our concept in integrating modern yet regionalist dwelling system that will encourage and allow the spirit of communality or ‘paguyuban’. A clear direction in structuring the connectivity of the area helps in creating a self-sustaining compact neighborhood, and this design approach is a response from the locality of the site itself.

*Urban Parameters Analysis by Chairul Maulidi, with empirical analysis by Reagen Mulia, Chichi Asda and Hafiz Amirrol, ITB 2009

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