Saturday, 19 May 2012

HexaPanels: Experience Towards Digital Crafting

Recent developments in the fields of computer-aided architectural design have opened the potential for a seamless connection between design, architecture, and the construction industry through the use of 3D modeling software and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. These advances process in technology, allow designers to design digital materiality and produce it into real physical object. This technology also promises high precision in build production without necessarily implicating greater expenditure of labor and materials. Regarding this background, our project is also aiming to explore digital fabrication on a conceptual and technical level and investigate possible impact on our design. Through a rigorous thinking process, we put a comprehensive consideration on spesific material, fabricating machine, hexagon panels modulation while paying special attention to spesific assembling methods which can be applied to construct our design.

Editor: Stanley Wangsadiharja, Dani Hermawan and Imma Anindyta
Contributors: Suwardana Winata and David Hutama
Translation: Hafiz Amirrol and Stanley Wangsadiharja
Art direction and design: Rampakasli and form-O
45 pages, 176 x 250mm
ISBN 978-602-19219-0-6
IDR 70.000
Online preview

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