Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dining Room in the Forest

Situated on a beautiful natural setting, the design of this dining space was largely influenced by the context of the surrounding condition of the site. Mimicking the traditional tepee, this innovative structure was designed to be appreciated by its users depending on the time of the day since the natural environment changes dramatically here and will affect one’s spirit of utilizing the object and the context. Hues of vegetation green, shades of taupe and beige, watery emerald and deep blues are all utilized in one way or another in creating this piece of architecture. The result is a simple, functional and flexible space with an iconic skin and structure built of indigenous and modern materials such as steel, glass, stones, and even kuali; statement making in both form and experience. The timber structure radiates, forming a semi circular space that connect, separate and protect users with the nature, sound and climate. The form also frame panoramic views but at the same time provides privacy for an intimate dining experience. Once within the space, the relationship between the architecture and the surrounding nature becomes more obvious. Fluidity of transition between inside and out, as well as between the different areas reveals an elemental feeling of living with, rather than separate from, the natural world. 

Design by CODA and Hafiz Amirrol

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