Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sabri Idrus: Recent Works - Presentation at Institut Teknologi Bandung

Sabri Idrus: Recent Works
Date: Tue, 19 October 2010
Venue: Ruang Kuliah Lt. 1, SAPPK, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Sabri Idrus is a prolific Malaysian artist today. His art making as an inherent social process submerged him in technical and material advancement through experiments. By this, it increases his sensitivity in the visual language and other artistic possibilities. Initially trained as a graphic designer, Sabri embarked on a life long search of creative direction. What he usually regarded as his secondary interests, i.e. graphic design and digital prints, have significantly contributed to his process in mastering his own visual language. This presentation shares his thoughts and perspectives on visual languages that can always be applied into the discussion among those involved in the design and development of the built environment.

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