Monday, 23 November 2009

Modular Construction for Units' Infill

We are seeing the design of this housing proposal as an ongoing process, not as a finite product designed by the architects. To implement the idea of this ongoing process of development and flexibility of change, the non-structural building skins (exterior and interior) can be easily change by later intervention by the users themselves. Infill panels such as window frames, wall panels, ventilation panels, etc. were designed as modular units, thus allowing them to be altered based on future needs. However, these changes are being limited only within a controlled and allowable perimeter, pre-determined and planned by the architects. This is to control and prevent unwanted growth of the units that may results to structural problems as well as other planning problems such as layout configurations, uniformity and ventilation flow.

Design Team: Hafiz Amirrol and Chichi Asda

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