Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Publishing Architecture

What happens when the architect assumes the role of writer, art director, editor, publisher and distributor?
Zak Kyes
Forms of Inquiry: The Architecture of Critical Graphic Design (2007)

Publishing Architecture is an elective course offered to students of architecture at UPH, starting from August 2012. The course is open to students of semester 5 and above, and will carry a total merit of 3 SKS.

The intention of Publishing Architecture is to expose architectural students to the concepts, processes and practices of publication design and production in the context of architectural and design practices.

It is hoped that by attending this course, students will get better understanding on the importance of architectural publication and its impact towards the development of architectural studies and profession.

Upon finishing the course, students are expected to have clear conceptual and practical understanding on the process of desktop publication, which include:
1.     Conceptual framework of publication works
2.     Approaches in publication design
3.  Production system of books in architecture academia and practice and its impact towards the  profession
4.     Communication techniques in publication (writing, editing, graphic design)

The course will include series of lectures and presentations on the background, history, current practices and future development of architectural publication. Continuous exercises in the form of case studies and projects will expose students to the approaches, techniques and processes involved in desktop publishing.

Small workshops with specific agenda will accompany the course throughout the semester. To cultivate productivity, participating students from this course will be involved directly into the Architecture Department’s Publication Unit, producing publication such as Archive, event posters and many more.

Course Tutor
Hafiz Amirrol

Architecture offers many things;
ideas, manifestoes, jokes, gossips, frustrations, drawings, attitude, enquiries, beauty, agendas, knowledge, crap-tech, etc.
Peter Cook
AA Book (2008)

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