Friday, 13 July 2012

Through These Architect’s Eyes

All the majesty of a city landscape
All the soaring days of our lives
All the concrete dreams in my minds eye
All the joy I see through these architects’ eyes
Making a goal, life's a goal, life's a goal
and life's a…
David Bowie
Through These Architect’s Eyes (1995)

The agenda of this year’s Studio Dasar Desain (SDD) 1 is to introduce students to the exploration of their individual and collective potentials and skills, developed through the process of observation, analyzing, drawing, making and communication.                                                             

The studio will provide students with opportunities to develop their conceptual, analytical and representational skill. This shall be done by allowing students to continuously recognize and develop their interests and potentials through an open and creative environment of the school. 

This dynamic and diverse studio will help opened students’ perspectives and understanding on the wide range of design disciplines through concrete process of observing, analyzing, drawing, making, writing and communicating. Continuous exercises, discussion and other creative activities are hoped to help and challenge the students to achieve the objective of this studio agenda.

Responding to its main agenda, the course will embark on an intensive process of inter-disciplinary approaches, opening pathways to a variety of creative processes and disciplines. 

Series of skill drilling exercises will help prepare students to nurture their design interests and develop skills, balancing their ability to be critically and skillfully creative.

The studio will culminate a fun and creative environment through experimentation on both creative and critical thinking and skills through networked and broad range processes, which include the dissemination of conceptual and representational skills.

The studio will also embark on regular informal walks around the city, looking and observing daily living environments, visiting interesting places, galleries and attending design and other related events. Spontaneous events such as movie screening, discussing movies, music or books will also be conducted within the studio to help nurture the culture of criticism and design intellects.

Studio Instructors
Hafiz Amirrol
Stanley Wangsadihardja
Ari Widio
Veronica Gandha
Baskoro Junianto

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